Cloud Chamber and the invisibles

How would you see the particles? I have been fascinated by Cloud Chamber for several years but never had the chance to see one nor make one. And that dream came true at CERN… (ok there were many more dreams that came true, including coming to CERN).


S’Cool Lab is the educational section of CERN that holds hands-on workshops for high school students, and they have all the materials needed for Cloud Chamber.

S’Cool Lab是CERN的教育中心,特別提供給高中學生的簡易物理實驗,讓他們理解高能物理的研究關鍵。而雲室就是其中一個實驗。


  1. Put in dry-ice in the bottom container
  2. Make the felt soaked in 99% isopropyl alcohol
  3. Add a metal plate on top, with 99% isopropyl alcohol in the notch
  4. Put on the aquarium that has the felt on top
  5. Wait and see the cloud forming


  1. 在保麗龍底座中放入乾冰
  2. 在水族箱上方的毛氈中倒入99% 異丙醇直到吸滿
  3. 在乾冰上放上金屬板(能讓溫度快速傳導的物質)並且在溝槽中倒滿異丙醇
  4. 將水族箱放到金屬板上
  5. 等待降溫,異丙醇蒸氣會在金屬板上方產生薄薄的霧氣

IMG_1349 IMG_1350 IMG_1351 IMG_1352


When the particles in the cosmic rays pass through the fog, will leave a beautiful trace of white cloud. We also had some nice photos and videos made:



Note: The video is a commercial cloud chamber, not a DIY one.

註: 影片中拍的是商業雲室,不是我們自己做的,自己做的照片好難拍啊….

It was amazing seeing the particles goes through the fog and forming a denser line within the fog, and thinking how all these particles are passing through us at the moment when we were watching.


I can just watch it for hours and hours and hours….


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